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Unique tax solutions for your unique needs.

For you and your family

Families often use trusts to transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Special care however needs to be applied where there are international aspects involved, whether it be with respect to the contributor, trustee, beneficiaries, or the assets held by the trust. Trowbridge can assist in designing the appropriate trust structure that would be the most tax efficient from an international tax perspective, particularly as it relates to US taxation.  


For individuals who are US beneficiaries of estates or trusts located in a different country, we provide a comprehensive service where we help devise an optimum distribution strategy and also assist in preparing required US tax returns, and any additional filings, for the trusts and their beneficiaries.  


Our specialized team of US tax experts advises high net-worth international families who are considering a trust for the benefit of US beneficiaries or can help minimize the burden of taxes incurred on death with income tax succession and estate planning. 

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