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Personal taxes, solved.

US Individual Tax

US citizens living in Germany (or overseas in general) have a continued obligation to file a US Income Tax return and report worldwide (US and Foreign) income, regardless of whether they have ever lived or worked in the US, owe tax to the IRS or are paying taxes in the country in which they live. Our experienced group of US tax professionals can assist you with your complex US individual tax matters 


Many individuals have their own personal reasons for moving across borders. At Trowbridge, we can help you understand the ins and outs of cross-border US tax compliance whether you are a US citizen living in Frankfurt, a US-bound expat from Berlin needing tax advice, or a US Citizen residing in Düsseldorf considering US expatriation.


Our goal is to take all the worries of complex US international tax law out of your hands, and into ours.

Voluntary Disclosures

At Trowbridge, we understand it can be stressful and overwhelming to discover that you may be years in delinquency on a tax return or disclosure. We have worked with many individuals who have found themselves in such predicaments and we have solved these problems with them.  


We begin by understanding your situation, navigating through the various voluntary disclosure programs offered by the US, and determining the program that best suits your needs and objectives. We support you through the process, of preparing and submitting your disclosure, reviewing resulting tax notices, and working with the tax authorities through to the anticipated acceptance of your disclosure.

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